devongarden (devongarden) wrote,

First primrose of the year

Inspired by shark_hat saying her sweet peas are still in flower, I just did a garden wander, and found fourteen or fifteen things in flower. Borage is the only one as tender as sweet peas, but the winter flowering honeysuckle and mahonia smelled wonderful and Christmas box, viburnum tinus, and viburnum burkwoodii are also scented. The violas have been flowering for weeks, but I saw the first primrose in flower, tucked under the bay shrub. (It isn't big enough to be a tree, or clipped enough to be a standard or other shape.) Cyclamen, presumably coum, are out, and snowdrops are showing green but not yet white.

I wish I could start work in the garden, but that is still some time ahead. The rare dry, sunny days when I want to be outside and weeding the borders or winter pruning or shredding or turning compost heaps are hard.
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