devongarden (devongarden) wrote,

New Zealand continued to be amazing, Rarotonga was hot but relaxing, and I could swim in the sea! Los Angeles was fine, the 70th wedding anniversary went well, quietly but with family and friends, with a celebration helped by NZ bubbly. The drive north was good, stops at Cambria where there were dolphins just off-shore, just north for the elephant seals, Big Sur for trees, and then to Oakland for a good visit with more family. Went to Hida, the Japanese tool shop in Berkley. Home before Christmas, and a post-Christmas visit to East Anglia.

We has a bit of snow a couple of weeks ago and now the spring flowers are advancing by the day. Snow drops, a few crocuses, cyclamen coum, wall flowers, primroses, iris unguicularis, the first early violets, are more or less seasonal, but for some reason the chanomeles by the house has decided to flower early after being in flower most of last year.
Tags: flowers, spring flowers
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